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Looking for a feed back

from Kerala
6 years ago

Hi !


This is my blog in regional language Malayalam. Let me know your opinion on its contents, design, look etc. 

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মাফ করবেন দাদা । আপনার ভাষা কিছু বুযতে পারলাম না ।

Anirudh Chauhan
Anirudh Chauhan
from Kanpur
5 years ago

Hi Manoj,How are you ?

 I thought to ask for an honest feedback in my blog.http://www.technocratvilla.comI know it's not perfect and there are many things which I could improve upon.It would be of great help if I get a feedback in my blog.Doesn't matter, if the feedback is brutal. It'll help me improve. :)Looking forward to it.Thanks in advance.Anirudh.