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Looking for feedback on content and organisation of my blog

from Mumbai
6 years ago

My blog is about social commentary and fiction. I purposely try to muddle them up a little to illustrate the credulous nature of many real life incidents.

Sometimes I write poetry on topics close to my heart, sometimes I write articles. I have problem generating interest in my fiction short series posts. My content also contains my travel posts and contest posts that I make.

I feel its a little cluttered now and inhibits discovery. I also have absymal viewer count. How can I improve? Please advise, I'd be really grateful.


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Oindrila De
Oindrila De
from Mumbai
5 years ago

Try the following:-

  1. Use appropriate tags for your posts to get relevant viewers.
  2. Promote your posts on FB, Twitter & other social media platforms.
  3. Keep the word limit below 1000.
  4. Maintain a consistent frequency of posting.