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Would love some feedback on my travel blog

I know some things I should fix right away, like write much more often (I've been too laidback so far) and interact more with other bloggers. I mean to work on it, promise. But what else can I do to get some friends for my lonely little blog? :-/

I'd love to hear all sorts of views and feedback from other bloggers on content, layout, anything - don't hold back, people, it doesn't all have to be nice. :D

Also, does anyone know any free (or otherwise) Wordpress template which can help me showcase multiple posts on the same page?

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Reason: Didn't write enough earlier like a bozo!
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Hi! Would love some feedback. Thanks.

Aditi Bose
Aditi Bose
from Delhi
5 years ago

The pictures on your blog are amazing. I haven't seen too many blogs with such awesome pictures lately. Are they your clicks?

Hi Aditi,

Thanks so much! Yes, they're all my pics except for a very few, in which case there would be a picture credit line below the image. :)

Did you think the pics make the page take too long to load? Maybe I should shorten each post to one lead picture and a short excerpt, with a "read more" leading to the entire post (in a new window?). Hmm, I've got to tinker around to try doing that.