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Soul Talk is a personal journey that curates individual thoughts, experiences and memories. It is also about travel and the trivial aspects of our everyday lives and why we sometimes view the glass as half-empty or half full! 

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Am following you, now.

I fear the length of your posts will be too much for most people nowadays. I had no issues with it, but modern readers, such as they are, ( few in number and easily distracted ) will respond with that hateful TL;DR.

I did read and left you a comment.

Thank you for following me Sloword and for the review! Good point to ponder upon. What you said helped me reassess how much will go into m next blog. Thanks for your constructive feedback once again. 

from bengaluru
2 years ago

Share the views in the latest blog on forgiving. Forgiving in itself is tough as we believe we are in the right and are a victim of a wrong. This is an essential step to forgetting to release the space for more uthings. Personally I feel the issues handled by you require the length. Maybe if you also wish to cater to readers, it could be to split them into miniblogs. Well written undoubtedly!!!