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Looking for feedback on my blog

Srikanth Ramakrishnan
Srikanth Ramakrishnan
from Mumbai
7 years ago

Hi all, I run BESTpedia, a blog primarliy targetted towards Public Transport. The name comes from BEST, the icnoinc bus undertaking in Bombay.

The blog is a melee of various stuff, including to fictional stories and one poem in the fiction section.

There are almost 10 articles in the draft space, relating to BEST, buses, etc.

I'd like the IndiBlogger community to please have a look at my forum and give me your feedback. Suggestions on content, theme, layout, everything is welcome.

IB is the only Blogging Community that I take seriously, so if you have anything to suggest, I will consider it seriously.

Thank you guys for reading thru this.

BESTpedia currently has about 18 posts so going thru all of them shouldn't be a problem.