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Request feedback on my city photoblog on Trivandrum

I lived in Trivandrum for eight years and was amazed by the range of attractions the small city could offer.

Here are some images.

Please let me have your feedback.



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Reason: The earlier topic was meant for another blog.
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Nikhil Chandra
Nikhil Chandra
from Delhi
4 years ago

Nice one!

However you might think about changing the background image to reflect some sense of your city.

Nice images. I like it that you bookmark your photo which I seldom do. Say it procrastination or just being lazy :-)

Dear Nikhil,


Thank you for your feedback which I value a lot.

I started watermarking my pictures when I found that some use your images without even a credit line or acknowledgement. So you too start doing it. If you are using any photo editing software it is rather easy.

I have three  or four header images which keep changing at random. All these are representations of the city. I also intend add or change these now and then.

Thanks once again.


Sorry Nikhil, 

The second part of the response was pertaining to another blog of mine. 

I shall certainly consider your suggestion and have a suitable background image if I can find an appropriate one. 

Thanks once again.