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Karthik Murali H
Karthik Murali H
from Chennai
3 years ago

I have been blogging here for past 10-11 years posting about almost everything and off late trying to keep this to only general topics while i write about reviews and travel stories in my other blogs..

So review the above and let me know your thoughts on it

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Hi Karthik...

I just went through your blog. You are an old hand at blogging(not you,your blog Laughing). The theme is good, as it loads fast. The old widgets are still there. I saw that you have the CC 2.5 In License. Isn't that a bit old?The new one is 4.0 Attribution. Check that out. Also add some Footer credits to your blog. 

Is it possible to show the summary of posts on homepage, that will make it look neat.

Increase the font size.... I've noticed that your fnt size is too low & I had to zoom 110% to read more clearly.

Just read your latest post about Pokemon Go. I was waiting for that thing to release here. Thanks... And just for your info adding 1 to the dropbox link instead of 0 which is there, the file can be downloaded on click. ie change dl=0 to dl=1

All the best...

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