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Hey. Please review my blog. Suggestions, comment any ideas, anything.

A personal science blog based on the latest science news I find interesting, and my own experiences, ideas and thoughts as a science enthusiast and a budding physics graduate.

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Great front page on your blog- impressive and eye-catching. The content is also very nice, and interesting, I am sure they will attract many readers over time. But on many blog-posts, the entire left half of the page is occupied by just the headline. The content is there only in the right half. May be you can change that. (In some other posts, the heading is coming fine on top)

Shantanu Ashima Gaur
from Kolkata
1 year ago

Actually those are two available posting themes, for short posts I use the one on the half page, and for longer ones, I prefer the one with image on top. Thanks for the review by the way!