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Hey! I have a mixed niche blog: Travel, Photography, Tech and Motivational. I ju

Garima Bhaskar
Garima Bhaskar
from Noida
2 years ago

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The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer
from Mumbai
2 years ago

I can give an advice about phones. Most people use 1 device for a lot of things so obviously, people would like to know the performance of every independent function. Lets' take your review of the Redmi 4A

You had a device so you have the ability to test it. While you did take the photos, the rest of the information pretty much explains the specification in a paragraph form. A phone is used by people ranging from general use to content creation- videos and photos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogging. Some use a mobile as an audio recorder, too. So the ability to keep background noise away from the subject is vital. Here's the review I've done for few phones:


Work on a plan and have a standard test method. Show the actual quality of the camera- videos and photographs. Audio. Colour reproduction in different angle and visibility of the display under direct light.