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Hey fellas, Looking for your kind help in reviewing my short story and poetry se

Vibha A Sahal
Vibha A Sahal
from Mumbai
4 years ago

Hello, Readers my Friends..!Here I am to share my thoughts on short story writings, content writing, poems & quotes.I belong to the generation where I’ve seen it all too soon. Yet, I prefer being a kid at heart, because that’s the only way to keep going on in life! Haan toh kya hua..theek hai na toh - that’s what I call the ‘Vibha’s Mantra to living a peaceful life’. 😁 I’m an Indian and that’s the way I like to keep my blog as well. You’ll figure out by my blog that I love to be expressive in the old-school poetic manner, and I feel that there’s no other manner in which one can be truly expressive than that! I love to be passionate about the things which I choose to do and this blog is amongst one! Because it helps me to express my feelings (which was next to impossible for me before I chose to blog) and share my life’s experiences - Anubhav, as we term it in the Indian Language. Many of us find it difficult to express our feelings...emotions...! Believe me writing and reading make it easier and easier...!Through my blog and my writings, I talk about all that I’ve been through - happiness, pain, success, failure, gains, losses, and a lot more. So go on then, check my blog out, consider my writings as food for your soul, and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to my feelings and my Anubhav in some way or the other!