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Looking for a feedback on my blog content


I am fairly new to the blogging platform though it is 2 years now since I've been active :) I am looking for an opportunity to learn my mistakes and improve my blogging skills. Appreciate any advise, and I am also open for any suggestions to improve. Thank you.

Kiran S.

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from Bangalore
7 years ago
Dear Kiran, A tasty website, i am feeling hungry now :))) Amazing website with very nice dishes, content is good and pictures are excellent. Overall a great site to read. I will prepare few recipes. Kindly visit my site - Ishita Sharma
from Chennai
7 years ago

I like your chatterbox and shutterbox blogs! Maybe you can write a little about the time and place of the photo in the shutterbox. Also in your chatterbox you may want to connect the dots between living in Malaysia, India and the US. Give us poor souls some tip about how to find a job/network. Share your expertise :)

Hi Kiran,

Such a refreshing blog..loved your food blog and your easy style of writing :)Putting the post archive on the side bar would be a great addtiion..or maybe the pictures of your popular posts..

I loved the clean feel and great pictures must I say..will need so many tips from you about good food pictures :)