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Please take some time out to read some of my posts in my blog.

Harsha Chittar
Harsha Chittar
from Bangalore
12 years ago

Hi All,

          Please take some time out to read some of my posts in my blog. Really appreciate your views and comments.


Thanks for your time and patience


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Reason: didn't like the previous one
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Nishant Mishra
Nishant Mishra
from New Delhi
12 years ago

Dear Harsha,

The simplicity of your blog impresses me.

You have written only 4 posts so far. Maintain this frequency.

Your blog's description is superfluous. Check it again.

I enjoyed reading your posts. Align then 'justify'. See that paragraphs do have blank white space between them. It's missing in a post.

Try changing your template. Minima is beginning to appear boring to everybody.

Your blog will imrpove upon with time. Keep posting and reading other blogs too.

Harsha Chittar
from Bangalore
12 years ago

Hi Nishant,

                   Thanks to your reply i just learnt a new word, superflouous. There is something wrong with blogspot, i did put white spaces between the post, but don't understand why its not showing.

I had a really fancy templete going, but i chucked it out. I'll change to someother templete, i agree minima does look boring.

Can you like have  small look and tell me if there are spaces between the post?

from Faridabad
12 years ago

O Uncle... what is wrong? I have been clicking to comment since past 10 minutes... nothing is happening. It does not give me the box to leave comments. I loved the thaaaa naaaaaaaaa post.... but comment likhe ki jagah nakko... grrrrrrrr   woof woof.

You know I do terrific reviews... So... here's one for this blog:

- Personally, I like this blog much more then the other one... this is purely on personal interests. This blog has more of a crazy Harsha... and I love people who love to show off their crazy ideas.

- The writing is pretty free flowing. Which is wonderful. There are grammatical misses... but you know, it doesnt matter. (as long as there arent MAJOR ones). I would encourage you to follow the same writing style - it is friendly.. and informal. which is nice. You may have screwed up with the comma a lot of times... but I love it this way. Not sure what the rest of the world thinks.

- I dont know about the Minima template thing... I dont care about it.

- The choice of subjects is good. Interesting.

- Headings are not good. They dont make me want to read the post. Get some cool headings... ones you have are quite simple. Had you not been my friend, I would not have read the posts.. but it turns out I so much enjoyed reading the posts. I loved the fairness cream bit...especially because i could relate to your thoughts.

- Y r u having two blogs? What is the basis of segregation? I remember asking this earlier...and i dont think you replied. I am talking about voices in my head. Havent yet seen animation and game design.

- Y isn't it letting me put a comment?

- Are we sure about the positioning of calvin? But i guess that's the only place because it's a horizontal strip... right?

- Y is there is copyright thing for calvin? R u it's creator?

- I think you should make you top intro a bit crisp.. thoda lamba hai.. but it does convey the point. and since it's unimportant... i like it more. You dont need to start that intro with the name of the blog.

-I so love the city ride one... one again i am unable to comment. ** u. Ok, I so like the thought process that I have decided to follow you. Good guy.

- Just noticed... thanks for blogrolling both my blogs... majje hi aa gaye. Btw... now that I understand your thoughts... i am sure you can relate to mine on Dusht... and even Mitti...

- Bas, ab thak gaya. Bye. Good blog. COntent is nice...presentation ko thode idhar udhar change kar le yaar.

Harsha Chittar
from Bangalore
12 years ago

bhaiyaji thank you for the longest review anyone has received on Indiblogger. Aapne dil ko touch kardiya (i have two tears in both my eyes).

Comments no idea what is wrong with it. Some J guy did some Voodoo or local tantrik curse. I will get to the bottom of it.

I never thought anyone would read the blog, so didn't bother about fancy names, but now will try to make it look good.

I will change the names, i was a bit lazy to think of two different names, but now i will change it.

All the cartoons (barring Calvin n Hobbes) and posts here are a property of Harsha Chittar.This what i have put.

Ya i suffer from personality disorder of some kind i think, or do I? Two different blogs, two different persons? Something is wrong. Two different thought process, one person? Or is their a secret writer, who harsha has chained in the basement? I like your blogs so i decided to follow. I blog rolled just to show am not the only good crazy guy, i do have company Smile

Comma and bad grammar is all an effort to make your stay at the blog a memorable one.

Thank you for following the blog.

Harsha Chittar
from Bangalore
12 years ago

comment problem solved. You can now leave a commentLaughing