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Looking for feedback on my blog..thanks..

I started this blog very recently as simply an outlet to pen down my thoughts and interests. Today, I am thrilled to have connected with some amazing people in the blogging world. I would love to connect with more people who share similar interests. Do visit my blog..would love your feedback and comments.

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from hyderabad
9 years ago

The photos are good, especially on the Silver and Copper collection.


the topics are varied

I foresee an audience of Indians all over the world, home-sick Indians would be flocking to your site.

The writing is attractive, and I feel visitors will find everytime a new experience on the site.




Thank you so much. That very encouraging to hear and also one of the nicest compliments I have recieved. Its good to connect with you.



Thanks for the tip Prateek. Will keep that in mind as I can understand that being an issue.




from Calicut
9 years ago

You have a talent at photography and all your clicks are excellent, the content to go with the clicks are also good. The blog's name does match with the content, the link within widget is taking some time to load, and does not display any picture as such,  you might want to sort that out. Going through your blog was fun, Keep blogging

Thank you so much for giving me your feedback and for your encouraging words. The link within widget seems to be posing a problem and I am looking into it.