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Sumod Sunny Joseph
Sumod Sunny Joseph
from Ireland
13 years ago

Hi, I blog occassionally on a monthly basis. This is the first time I have posted my blog posts in IndiVine. So it would be great if I could have experts' review on them as I can have an idea on where my posts stand. Thanks very much. Sumod :)

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Rupam Das
Rupam Das
from Gulbarga
12 years ago

Header must not be more than size of 720x168 or nearby. Big header makes the site slow. Multiple font color: Not perfect. Headers should be of same color. Use white instead of yellow as background. You now have AdSense in your blog. Do it more professionaly. your is a PR2 site, so it should look like one. You have potentail to explore. Dont waste it.