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please review my latest changes in blog. You can be sure of a review back.

Please review my blog,since i am a novice

Still learning,

please take time to suggest fruitful changes friends.


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Dr Pratibha Singh
Dr Pratibha Singh
from delhi
8 years ago

excellent blog.Its full of surprises specially those pictures.great work.

plz review mine also
































































Thanks a lot for sincere review. 

Punit Dubey
Punit Dubey
from Navi Mumbai
7 years ago



Liked the blog...but while trying to land on it a Security Warning popped up that the site may harm my check and fix the problem...

Punit, thanks for dropping in,

please check it now. 

Koi hai,

from Mumbai
7 years ago
Sirji, a bit overworked... Will definitely review very soon:):)

thanks in advance.

from Mumbai
7 years ago

I am a regular visitor to your blog and I love it, but today I looked at it more closely!!

Love the template and all, just a few points about some widgets,

You can put the subscribe to my posts, google search bar and the archive list to the top... because they will increase the readership and clicks...

Rest is great! Keep Blogging Smile

Arti ji ,thanks a ton for the feedback. 

My thinking is that once a visitor nters the blog he see's the post, tight hand side on top he sees comments. and when he comments his comment comes on top right hand corner. 

so its a treat for my visitors to be in limelight even if I suffer csome readership. but I have to give full value to my sincere readers and commentors


from Mumbai
7 years ago

PramodJi done huge changes to the blog, have a lookSmile

Arti Ji saw your blog , superb , will be writing review tomorrow
Panchali Sengupta
Panchali Sengupta
from Kolkata
7 years ago

That's a nice travelogue...!!!

thanks panchali ji, reviewed your blog. content was great. 

Pramod, yours is a lovely blog, no doubt. I appreciate its beauty, and content, but leave the technical side with others since a lot has been said already and I not a technical person. 

What I may add, that is from an aesthetic point of view is that, if would be more appealing if you had matching font sizes between your post  and the side bar.

Please tell me what you think about my blog

prasanna ji, your blog is superb ,.

Awesome way of narrating!! amd loved the pictures too!!

do visit nd comment/review...thnx in advance



Thanks a ton anoop Ji ,
Reviewed your blog anoop,

thnx buddy..nd please drop the "ji"...doesnt really suit me!! Tongue outWink

from Bangalore
7 years ago


I loved the twitter widget. I dnt know how you did that, help me understand how it works.

Blog layout is neat and nice.

Suggestions -

Make sure to proofread the content before publising.

Title make them longer.

Best Regards,


thanks Ishita, for liking the tweet bird, it's really a useful widget it gets twitter followers from all over d world. you can get many such at

i hope this is not wrong to give in links here.

thanks for suggestions on proof reading, but I am sometimes in a hurry and too much brooding changes the mind also.

any grave mistake, please point out by mailing me or indimail me. 

from Mumbai
7 years ago

really nice.

You can try working on the font a bit.

Make it simpler. Something like the font which is used here in the forum. (Reader-friendly)


Thanks genobz, for the feed back. I will soon do some nice changes
Madhu Bhargava
Madhu Bhargava
from Hyderabad
6 years ago

Good Blog and also please review this one too @