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Pages From Serendipity - Towards Love and Harmony!

Hi all,

Pages from serendipity is an expression of my heart-felt longing for the seeds of love and harmony to be planted in every individual's heart and soul. Though I don't mean to be an expert, I believe that sometimes some words read or heard somewhere might bring an important awakening in us. 

I am still in the phase of getting started with my blog world. From phrasing a post to arranging the widgets, I am finding the true joy of creativity in blogging. Please give me a hand with your perceptive comments and suggestions.

Appreciate your time!

- Nandhini Smile

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Thanks Dr.Balaji! It is a wonderful feeling to see my blog from other's perception. Grateful for your thoughts and time Smile

Malathy Badri
Malathy Badri
from Bangalore
4 years ago


I am Badri with a pen name of Malathy Badri. I am basically from Chennai. Hope to meet you at the Bangalore meet.

Nandhini Chandrasekaran
from Chennai
4 years ago

Hi Badri,

Glad to hear your message. Hope I saw it right that you manage 7 blogs Innocent Definitely wishing to meet a blogger like you at the meet. Hope I get inspired at least a little from you. I am starting from Chennai on Friday morning. Planning to make to the venue by 5.00pm. 9916888044 is my number.

Malathy Badri
Malathy Badri
from Bangalore
4 years ago

It is very kind of you Nandini to reply. Numbers deceit. In fact I once maintained 23 blogs and when I revealed it in an Indiblogger meet at Chennai, I was interviewed by a woman reporter from Indian Express. 

I too would love to meet a blogger from my dar old Madras. My mobile# 9600090096

If by chance you are staying at Electronic City, we can go together.

Best regards,



It was a nice time at the Indi meet. Sorry that I couldn't reply earlier. You can always catch up at the next meet.

Good wisehs,