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Looking for feedback on my new blog

Abhilash Ruhela
Abhilash Ruhela
from Navi Mumbai
11 years ago


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Tejas Ramakrishnan
Tejas Ramakrishnan
from Kannur
11 years ago

Nice blog Abhilash.

You have brought  a personal touch to the writings, maybe it is because of the nature of the stories posted, and that makes the blog special.

Reply to your IndiMail.


Thanks for the support. I'll try to write something up and give to you.I have been wearing glasses from 3rd standard, but doctors always thought it was Myopia. Two years back, i noticed accidentally that my left eye was fuzzy when opened alone. I thought it might have been some water or something because i was rubbing my other eye at the time, but it never got over.Then i realised that it was like that all the time, i never noticed because together, both my eyes have a corrected vision of 6/9.I am 8/12 in my right eye, 6/60 in the left. At present, a surgical operation costs Rs.4,00,000 and that is too much. Dad is a Govt Employee, so we cannot afford the 4 lakh rupee operation. I am attempting ayurveda now for the time being. It is somewhat cheaper.I do occasional article/content creation work as freelancer on many sites and also security consultancy..



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