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Ahmedabadi Hotchpotch - the blog joins indiblooger community

Gautam Maitra
Gautam Maitra
from Ahmedabad
11 years ago

Welcome to my blog where we discuss myths, religion, history, some politics and social issues, share a few poems and short stories and publish commemorative article highlighting the key dates the nation passes through in a year. We re-evaluate and welcome suggestions and feedback. 

In coming days we are going to add a new blog - theme - moods and paintings -the painting section authored by my talented school leaving son

I have a name. Name given when I was born. But the name I am more comfortable with and I more identify myself with is Aam Admi. My site may often offer controversial and even idotic views . But that's what aam admi stands for. Please join with the aam admi for a journey to begin.

Bangla Aam Admi