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Dr. Vikram Lotwala
Dr. Vikram Lotwala
from Surat
11 years ago

Please put your thoughts about the style of writing and about the ideas of improvement for this blog. This is a very small effort to inform the readers, my colleagues, and my students and the updates in medical field.

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Pranab Chatterjee
Pranab Chatterjee
from Kolkata
10 years ago

sir, here are my views on the blog (glad to find another med blogger here!)

1. please bring up the subscribe and archive and search gadgets further up in the sidebars. makes it easier to scroll through the contents rapidly.

2. add an email subscription widget using the default blogspot-feedburner system. a lot of people like reading blogs on the go (like me!)...

3. posts are great. loved the weight loss/memory-concentration post. i guess i need to lose some weight now. also the cell phone/cancer post was also very enjoyable.

4 the ads get in the way of reading the posts a bit. maybe you could place them on the sidebar? but then their visibility and returns would become low. btw, what kinda money are you making off the ads?

5. why not add the indimedic badge on the sidebar?

6. also, please add an about me page and a contact page so that readers get to know you more and can get in touch with you.

good to see the indian medical community growing! will you please review my blog if you find some time (link: http://www.indiblogger.in/forum/review.php?id=9530) ? thanks...