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Self Introduction-Another new Indiblogger here. To my senior blogger friends:-A

I write about my "thoughts" can be anything to manythings.

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from Mumbai
9 years ago

Wonderful blog, I can see that you express your 'thoughts' very well. Kudos for that :)

A few suggestions -

  • Something needs to be done of the header. Customize it and reduce its width in the template designer. As of now its going way out of the page sideways.
  • The blog archives section needs to go in the sidebar. Push the feedjit way down towards the bottom of the sidebar as its more for personal viewing.
  • The footer widgets like about me can also be accommodate din the sidebar itself since it has a lot of free space that you can use for these things.
  • You may be visiting some blogs too, observe them. That's the best way to learn :)

Keep penning down your thoughts and keep bloggingSmile

Arti ~

Arti- glad you liked ithe blog and grateful for suggestions. It was on my mind for a while. Will check out for newer templates perhaps. Lot of space management to be done.

from Hyderabad
9 years ago

Hey Sushma,

Interesting blog you have there. Some points you might want to consider:

  • Your blog header : It's way to big, and needs to be the header, and the content should show up immmedsiately as the page loads. As of now, for me, I have to scroll down to the posts, and I have a huge monitor (22").  Remember, it's a header, not a page.
  • You have two side bars, and a lot of widgets you've devided to use can be stuck  in there. The top and the bottom areas are ususally least navigated to (personal experience). For people like me, whose content spans across the entire screen width, there is no choice, but your theme does give you the option.
  • Lastly, if you like it like this, let it be, you need not typecast yourself to any mould. Just giving my 2 cents on usability.

Enjoy it. :)


Coolantz- appreciate your views and patience. Yes, I did take it, since I felt this modification as much needed.

Thanks and keep in touch.Smile


Many changes adapted for my blog now. Any feedback much appreciated. Anyone?

Manjunath Nayak
Manjunath Nayak
from Bangalore
7 years ago

Wonderfull blog... I Liked it..

from Jaipur
7 years ago

Wonderful blog and Very thought provoking topics out there.


Hey there Manjunath and Ravi Kanth

Thanks for reply! Well for the timing, am quite old on Indiblogger actually. 

Glad, though to find your response. 

from Mumbai
7 years ago

very Nice blog Sushma , I am also shifted recently at banglore due to work reasons. :) we can meet sometime and you can provideme some good tips on writing a better blog :)

Has beenlike ages since I posted on Indiblogger. Those first few years on Indiblogger that I cherish like my childhood. and like an old schooler, I came lookig for those old faces amongst fresh new ones.

Hi there.


How many reading this?

Gaurav Tiwari
from New Delhi
3 years ago

6 years is kinda decent time.