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Looking for feedback on my new blog

It is about an aspect of life that includes death

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from Hyderabad
9 years ago

1. You are a guy. Why is your blog theme PINK in colour?

2. Use ONE Colour and ONE font and One font size for ALL your posts. Multicolour blogs are usually uncomfortable to read.

3. There is no such thing as "Google Images". You are using pics from some website which Google has "borrowed" the pic from. Pls put the effort to give credit to the rightful owner.

4. You have selected appropriate photos for some of your posts. That is good.

straight replies !but as you have right to give a straight comment on hsi blog he can certainly wish to have whatever color he want !your first point seems to be sarcastic :P 

i dont find any faults or any odd thing in your blog !very simple and straight thing !

can reduce or place the ad somewhere else :)as the above guy says, try soem different color.. but let it be a single color :) no multi colors :)YOUR WISH TO HAVE WHAT YOU LIKE TO HAVE !



from Coimbatore
9 years ago

I have also some poignant memories, though not with a bike but with a scooter Bajaj vespa. I am now riding my son's bike TVS Apache and I have heard comments about old men riding bikes meant for youth. Though it is meants as a sarcasm, I enjoy the hidden envy and feel proud of being able to drive such a bike and drive it effortlessly. I will try to share my experience about my new bike if I find time to do it. Anyway, thanks for writing your story and I really enjoyed reading it.

from GrNoida
2 years ago

Ati Sunder  what a wonderfull thinking and writing as well, love ur work