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Please review friends, need them urgently

This is an earnest call for a review. Please find time friends
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from Hyderabad
9 years ago

From the couple of posts that I saw, I guess you need to figure out what to do with the blog. The guest post idea is nice, but I'm not sure how workable it is without SIGNIFICANT contribution from you alone.

IMO, there should be a few regular writers, and few guest posts. Say for example, you could post on alternate weeks, and the guest can post on alternate weeks. That way you get 1 post a week on average.

You are an experienced blogger, so I am sure you will figure it out.

I REALLY like the theme, but I shall give you the same advice that I received... Your theme must match your blog content. Right now, it doesn't.

Other than that, good start.

thanks rumbaho for the inputs. I am working on this.

really appreciate the time and advice.

it will be very useful

from New Delhi
9 years ago

I feel that the concept is really nice. Opinions, thoughts,stories, experiences about Marriage and love.But somehow the blog's design is not letting that come through. I am not an experienced blogger but I feel there is lack of clarity and flow somehow. I am sure you are working on this already just some design issues other than that it is a nice read.

from Banaglore
9 years ago

really nice conept


thanks nidhi ji,