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Did lot of Optimization on my blog, please review

CAT Mentor
CAT Mentor
from Bangalore
10 years ago

Did plenty of changes yesterday & have tried organizing lot of stuff.....

Changes are:

  • Integrated Facebook Plugin on my blog
  • Added scripts for Menu's at top, left & right pane
  • Customized the template for better user experience
  • Added total Page Views widget.

Requesting for feedback from the members .

About my blog:

Its a blog for people who are planning to appear in MBA entrance exams such as CAT/XAT/MAT/GMAT. Aspirants are given guidance through comments and lot of Tips are shared across different pages on this blog.


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Reason: Did lot of changes on my blog
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from Pune
10 years ago

hi CAT mentor,

you have nice blog.. I have a couple of suggestions for you though..

1. reduce the width of the blog (smaller screens have to scroll hrizontally).

2. Please reduce the no.of ads and put the important stuff above the fold.

3. see if you can use only 1 sidebar as 2 with sidebars users have to roll their from side to side (a lot) and theres just too much to take in. let the users focus on your article in the middle!

you have a lot of useful content allow the reader to experience it..