Rachit Khator
Rachit Khator
from Surat
8 years ago

Hello All, 

What will be the trends in 2012 around Nations, Companies and Individuals?

Post in your comments and insights and predict 5 top trends in 2012. 

For me, 

- Eurozone Crisis

- Bill Gates 

- 21st December, 2012. 

- Apple IPAD 3 

- Indian Startups

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Micky Fernandez
Micky Fernandez
from Kolkata
8 years ago

Wow! That is a very prescient list! However, instead of Bill Gates, there is Mark Zuckerberg. There is also something that no one could have foreseen: the movie The Avengers and its possibly replacing Titanic or Avatar as the second or first highest-grossing film of all time.

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