Dove Contest - Are we supposed to pay the octroi for our prizes

from Mumbai
9 years ago

I got a call from the courier department regarding my htc wildfire S which they were planning to deliver it today.They are charging me Rs.640 as a part of the octroi charges.Are the winners supposed to pay the octroi charges? If yes why werent we informed about this.And if no why such a  confusion regarding the charges. My phone is still with the courier department and they are not planning to give it till Hindustan Lever gives thema  confirmation regarding who is going to pay the octroi charges.

In case of such issues,shouldnt the winners be given a prior intimationAny one else who has gone through the same issue.


 ..Disappointed with the Dove Team.Cry

@Indiblogger Team: Do you have any idea about this?

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