How to control spam comments

I receive a lot of spam ad comments on my blogs. Some don't even post links in the comment, but the website field holds the link to their sites. I don't want to disable the website link on the commentator’s name. Any idea how to fight these spam comments? Blog is on self hosted Wordpress.

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from Hyderabad
9 years ago


1. Use something to capture spam automatically. Try 'Akismet' plugin.  It has completely removed my spam problem. This is the best spam control ever.  It just sends the spam straight into the spam folder. You never even have to look at it. It is the best Comment Spam manager out there. And it FREE!

2. Use Captcha. It is not liked by most visitors, but will help to control spam. Your visitors will have to type out annoying captcha codes though. So think before you add this.

I say just use Akismet and see if you still need something.

Don't block IP's unless you ALWAYS have trouble from the same IP.

Sumit Surai
from Calcutta , Kolkata
9 years ago

Thanks Rumbaho!

Captcha is already there. Will give Akismet a try.

umesh derebail
umesh derebail
from Mumbai
9 years ago

Install moderation of comments that should take care of it, otherwise go for blocking IP address 

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