A strange doubt!

Alright, It's hot and most of us know, Irrelevant self promotion isn't allowed. We many post a link to one of our post, which is realted to the on-going topic. 

But IB provides a took to insert link to our blogs. I don't get the reason why is that necessary? Or why is it even there? 



I've got one question to ask. How is this button even useful? 

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Vishal Kataria
Vishal Kataria
from Thane
9 years ago

It's just part of the forum platform, Ritvik (it's included with other features). Maybe taking it off will be too cumbersome.


But not posting links and not allowing self promotion ensure the quality of discussion is maintained in the forum. Else things would go haywire. Check out LinkedIN forums and you'll see...

Hmm.... I had no idea they used some third-part platform for forums!

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