IndiBlogger Dubai meet | How does that sound ?

Sometimes there comes a point, where every business venture, starts to think out of the box and ends up in foreign shores. Little ideas which turn Global and churn out to be milestones in history.

I know many of these adventures which have taken the risk and moved their boats to foreign shores to make their ideas reach the Global hubs. 

Well, why not IndiBlogger do the same. With Indians all over the globe, actually 183 to be presice, why not give every Indian a chance to share his or her idea and share it back to the World.

Who know's : That little idea, might one day change the world!

Am ready to see you guys here - When would you be coming ?

Cheers n Expectations,

Vasanth G.Benjamin

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I don't have the exact data, but from what I know, there is a huge blogging community here and out of it many are indians. May be I.B can streach out a bit and find out with their databases.

Ritu KT
Ritu KT
from New Delhi
6 years ago

Wow, I was thinking on the same lines but I'm in Seoul. It is almost impossible to come across many Indians here leave alone Indian bloggers! I hope I get to connect with some of the IB in Seoul and probably meet them unofficially

Nice idea... Indi blogger meet should go international now...

from Mumbai
6 years ago

IB has a few international meets to its credits till now (or is it only one? Innocent)

IndiBlogger Meet at New York

IB team helps out if an IndiBlogger is interested to arrange a meet in his/her area. You can contact them to discuss the feasibility and share your inputs and ideas to take this further if you wish to.

Am sure its feasible. I'm just lacking the data. May be IB know exactly how many come from this part of the region. I keep shuttling between UK and Dubai, so both places are a good option. Am sure I.B is taking note of whats happening around.Innocent

And going Global isn't bad after all. I know there are expat blog communities in DXB who have organized social events for Ramadan by partnering with NGO's.Coming together through words is a wonderful thing. Smile

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