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Menaka Bharathi
Menaka Bharathi
from Raipur
6 years ago


I am Menaka Bharathi from www.simpleindianmom.in, I just love my blog and love the way it is taking up nowadays. however, due to my PhD and academic interests I am not able to spend time writing at all. also I do not want to leave SIM just like that. SO I have come up with a guest post offer.

I would publish guest posts in SIM. 

the conditions are simple

1. the article has to be relevant to SIM.

2. There should not be any adult content.

3. one track back link is allowed.

4. You can include any article that is within the catgories of SIM and even advertise your business.

Send articles to menaka.bhaaru@gmail.com

What I would do

I shall publish the articles and share it in IB and othe social media forums and so on...

Lets hope to jooin hands for the best outcome


menaka bharathi

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Menaka Bharathi
Menaka Bharathi
from Raipur
6 years ago

thats nice Sfurti Juztamom, do mail me..

Hi Menaka, 

Nice to know you ! I will try my best to give you a simple post relevant to your title but I need some time to do so. Also, I would like to join hands with other Mummy bloggers just like you and Sfurti. Keep in touch!

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