Unable to post a link on IndiVine

Sakshi Nanda
Sakshi Nanda
from New Delhi
6 years ago


I tried to post a link on IndiVine this morning. Filled up all the requirements. But when I pressed 'submit', IndiBlogger took forever to 'process submission'. And then, the submission did not happen.

I tried the same link a couple of times but it still did not get submitted. 

Is it a problem at my end, or is IndiVine submission not working at all?

Please help.


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Shantanu Banerjee
Shantanu Banerjee
from Mumbai
5 years ago

Hi sakshi, I hope the problem has been resolved now after three months, I didn't see any comments so didn't know if it is or not. I faced a similar situation two to three days back but turns out it was just slow network speed and some technical glitches in blogger.

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