Want travel,health cooking related blog posts-revenue sharing basis

Hi All,

I hope I will get atleast 2-3 positive response who will be interested in regular blog posting. I have one website for tracvel,tourism and cooking things i.e. tourismandfood.com

I usually don't get time to maintain this website and seeking fellow bloggers to contribute blogs at our site.

Either you can add your own adsense,affilliate links to your blogpost and get 100% revenue from your post or Let me have adsense of our account. Whatever that account will earn, we will divid it by no. of blog posts and then money be shared "no. of posts x per blogger x adsense-revenue/total no. of posts in site"

So, more posts means more bucks.

Let me know, if anyone interested in blogging with us?

Note: We will take care of making it popular over other social networking sites, SEO optimization and even maintaining the site, renewing domain name , buying web space etc. You just need to concentrate on writing good quality blogs (not just 500 words type blog for just namesake).


Contact me for more details at jassics@gmail.com

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The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer
from Mumbai
6 years ago

remove the link!! No SSP allowed!!

Then how I can ask people, if they wish to join our site?


from India
6 years ago

Sanjeev, people can visit your profile page and access your blog/site from there. Please remove that link.Smile

Link has been removed but i wrote site name. I hope now it is fine?

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