Need some light on Cross Domain Tracking


I have a request from a brand who prefer to advertise in my blog (for their sales in their blog) and told me that they will share some % of the sales generated through my sharing. When questioned how it works, they said they will be giving me an unique Google analytics tracking code and also the screenshot about the sales generated from my website. 

I googled, learnt a bit of cross domain tracking and got stuck somewhere.

Can anyone show me some light on this? Is it good to embed their tracking code in my blog along with my own tracking code for goodle analytics? Will it affect my blog in someway like Google penalty, etc... Or is it better to stay away?

Thanks in advance for those who answers :)

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Vijay Prabhu
Vijay Prabhu
from Mumbai
5 years ago

No Uma the link will come with tracking code which you can track.  Almost all sales links have this kind of code.  Dont worry about google if the product is good google will have no problem

Uma Maheswari Anandane
from Karaikal
5 years ago

Thank you Vijay!  :)

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