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Sheena Mahajan
Sheena Mahajan
from Ludhiana
6 years ago

Hi everyone! The blog I own is an Indian blog (of course, d'uh! ;) ) but is co-owned by 2 other friends of mine and we are settled pretty much all over the globe - India, UK and Canada! I was just wondering if there is anyone else here who is in a similar situation? If yes, we could look to arrange meet ups outside India too and discuss blogging while reminiscing about the motherland together! Let us know what you think!

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I blog from Canada...

Micky Fernandez
from Kolkata
6 years ago

You are from Mississauga?! Say hello to Stefan Molyneux, one of my favourite bloggers, for me.

Hmm... Now where in this city of 1 million people will I find Stefan?

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