Blog Holiday as Election code of conduct

I announce my candidature for election to one of the seats to be filled up for Northern India Regional Council of Institute of Company Secretaries of India, a statutory body under Act of Parliament of India.

As per Conduct of Conduct for the election and FAQs issued there under, there may not be any post from my side on social media toway onward.

My blogs may not be updated during election process pending clarification.

I do not know what will be impact on my blog - life in long term.

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I am sorry but I doubt if law prevents you from blogging as long as that article has nothing to do with your campaign !!

So if you blog about the same thing as your campaign, then chose other topics to keep the blog alive and avoid replying comment by issuing the same statement that you cant reply till the election is over for law !!

I am seeking clarification from the Office of Returning Officer. Pending clarification,  I decided not to publish anything.As use of social media is not permitted, I am discussing this considering this forum as a private forum. 



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