Write about fun things to do in India

Thing To Do In India
Thing To Do In India
from India
7 years ago

I hope that it's notagainst the rules to ask for guest blog posts here. Saw a few members doing it, so asking for it here.

My website is meant as a list of places to visit, things to do, food to eat and other interesting things that one can indulge in India. We have 2171 followers on Facebook and 564 on Twitter, all originals without any shady blackhat stuff. If any of the members are interested in contributing to the the website by way of a blog post of their original experience, please post here or PM.


Some points:

1) Minimum length  : 450 words, no upper limit.

2) A picture or more will get you extra points.

3) If you have already posted the article somewhere else, you can rewrite it in different words.

4) It's not a commercial site, so no payments. We can offer you one dofollow backlink (non-spam) for each 450 words article. 2 for 1000 words.

5) We will also post the article on our social media profiles with a credit to you.

6) Approval of article depends upon it's quality.


That's all which comes to mind.

Wesite: http://ThingToDoInIndia.in 

It's still under redesign and will take a couple of week for final picture to emerge.

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