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Agri Farming
from hyderabad
4 years ago

Grape is one of very popular crops in the world. This crop is grown commercially in most of the countries. Grapes usually grow on the perennial and deciduous woody climbing vine. Grapes can be eaten as fresh (raw) fruits or used for making juice, jelly, jam, vinegar, wine, raisins, grape seed oil and grape seed extracts. Grapes are good source of minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron and vitamins like B and grapes have an excellent health benefits. Grapes belong to the family of “Vitaceae” and originated in Western Asia and Europe. Grapes occupy 16% of world fruit production. Commercial cultivation of grapes mainly intended for table purpose, export purpose, making wine and making raisins. With proper care and vine management, one can expect decent profits from commercial cultivation of grapes by supplying to local markets and exporting to international markets. Organic grape farming is the best bet, if you are planning for commercial cultivation. The major grape growing countries are Italy, France, Spain, USA, Turkey, Argentina, Iran, Portugal, South Africa and Chile. China occupies number one position in grape production in Asia. For more Information Go Here.


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