No IndiRank - "problem detecting your feed"

Sandip Roy
Sandip Roy
from Delhi
2 years ago

Hi, could someone help me how to get over this problem of not getting an Indirank in Apr 2016, all of a sudden, please?

All the IndiRank Stats checker says is: "There was a problem detecting your feed."

But when I check my feed ( on, they say it is a valid feed.

I'm baffled! Somebody help, please. (BTW, a mail to Indiblogger just got me an automated response so far, in about a week).

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from Bangalore
2 years ago

Sandip..any solution..same message for me too..not showingmy rank as its not able todetect the feed :(

from Mumbai
1 year ago

Hey Deepa, looks like Sandip has now got an IndiRank. Did you try opening a ticket?

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