Write Freelance is looking for Guest Bloggers (Paid gig)

from Mumbai
3 years ago

Hi guys 


WriteFreelance focuses freelance writers and bloggers who have been able to make a living part time/full time through writing. 

If you want to share your experience or your own take on things, I would love for you to guest post. 

It is a paid gig, and all the guest bloggers will be paid for their efforst and duly credited. For guidelines check writefreelance.in/write-for-us/

Or you can directly email me - ritika(at)writefreelance(dot)in


PS- Admins - I have put down the link for guidelines, let me know if you would want me to remove it 

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from Mumbai
3 years ago

Hi UK 

I got your mail too, saying almost the same thing :) 

With all due respect, I earn nothing through my website and still want to pay bloggers/writers. 

This is because I am a full-time writer and when I was a newbie, I had a tough time getting portfolio clips. I wanted to guest post and reach out to more audience but I also wanted to earn. 

So, this website is my way of giving back to all those writers who are just starting out, I help them with editing and polishing their pieces, I give them due credits and I pay them because I believe no writer should work for free. In return, they get a sparkling portfolio piece for future clients. 


Yes, that's all I can afford from my personal pocket right now, considering I spend 10k on the website every year for hosting and everything. Of course, when the website starts doing well, I would increase the pay. 


But if you want to judge me for it, so be it. I don't care :)

from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
3 years ago

Ritika, neither am I judging you nor criticising you. You yourself answered it up there. You struggled in your initial days you say, likewise let them also struggle. They need to understand what blogging is all about. Also by paying them 200/- you are kind of making them habituated to accept that kind of money for professional assignments in future too. I never did 8 years back, nor do I now , nor will I ever accept in future. But at the same time I do guest posts for fellow bloggers/friends out of friendship /without charging anything except maybe a couple of backlinks. Even today I look for increasing my reader base. I am sure many upcoming bloggers would love to write for you to get a platform and some traffic to their blogs and they would give you quality work if not offered money. Your site speaks of paying 300$ and 500$. Translating that to rupees makes it 25k average per month. Further expanding that makes it 1250 posts per month. Further expanding that makes it 40 posts or more a day for a new upcoming blogger.?! Are we making a new blogger or breaking him/her? And if at all someone writes 40posts a day, what quality are we talking of?

I am sure you have understood what I mean to say. 😃

Giving platform is fine and asking guest posts too is fine. But offering 200/- for a post and putting a bait of 500$ a month at the same time only indicates you are wanting to get maximum content on your site irrespective of quality just to increase your rankings. I am sure that's not the case but it seems that way.

It's your site after all and your decision and judgement. I just said what I had to as a fellow blogger. Taking it in the right spirit is up to you. If you don't, do I care either? 😉

from Mumbai
3 years ago

Dear UK 'Fashionable Foods'


I see you are good at maths, congrats ! 


1- I do not accustom them to low pay rates, if you had the time to may be read some of my blogs, instead of just the pop up, you would know that I talk about what rates to charge and where to find high-paying clients. I could not pay anything and ask for 'favours', but I want to. Because I strongly believe no writers should work for free


2- I and every other freelance writer, pay their rent with what we write. If I started writing posts as a favour, with all due respect, I wouldn't be able to pay my rent


3- Nobody asked you for a guest post. You don't do it for money because its not your full-time job. It's just a 'hobby'. 

4- My site speaks of $300-$500 because I do get paid that much, not per month, per article. And that is just an average pay for established freelance writers. Of course, you might have not known that, because you decided to pass your judgement without any knowledge. It's not a bait, I am able to write full-time because I get paid well, and I want to help other writers do that as well.


It's my website, this is my way of paying back to the newbie freelance writers. I did not ask you for a guest post or your opinion, you emailed me. But instead of waiting for me to reply to your email, you thought of posting your opinion here as well.


PS - I have got 6 emails since I posted this from writers who are actually interested just because I would help them out with polishing their content and editing. So, I guess that worked

You taking only articles from Full time freelancers?

from Mumbai
3 years ago

No, any body who does freelance writing and has some experience in it :)

Shantinath Chaudhary
from Hyderabad
3 years ago

What is "full time" and "part time" freelancers? :)

Same as full time and part time employees

from Bangalore
3 years ago

Now, THAT, was an interesting conversation!!!

Well, Ritika, good effort and appreciate your thought on allowing the content writers to start at INR200.

UK - It is difficult to start out on freelance writing because of the competition and the writers from other countries who can afford to write at prices as low as $1 for 500 words. it's a tough market for freelancers, I guess.

mamoon moulavi
mamoon moulavi
from Kolkata
2 years ago


Im a lifestyle blogger. Expertise  in fashion tips,bodybuilding ,college trends, relationship.

Looking  for  paid guest post. Familiar  with seo and long tail keyword.

2 years blogging  experience (1 year freelancing)

Im comfortable on wordpress platform.

Checked  out your  site...

Im interested  in writing as  a  guest writer  with a negotiable charge. 

See my  recent  work on a team blog.. Just  created some  days  ago https://untoldview.wordpress.com/2016/10/30/why-you-should-not-make-fake-promises-with-childrens-anytime/   

My e-mail id  mamoonmoulavi95@gmail.com


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