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Hello everyone,

I am an Indian expat in Europe. For me, what matters most is highlighting experiences,  inspiring others to travel and sharing their stories. My 'Travellers' Tales' series aims to showcase personal stories from people around the world. It could be about your reflections while travelling to a new place, something you learnt about yourself, a random act of kindness, strangers becoming friends or even any humorous incidents that might have taken place.

If you have an inspiring or memorable story to share, I would love to have you guest post.  All you need to do is:

  • Send in your story (preferably 600+ words) to indimail
  • Attach a 50-100 word author bio
  • Please include your Blog url and social media links
  • Do include 1-3 pictures too

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Best regards,



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Arvind Passey
Arvind Passey
from Delhi
3 years ago

Didn't know one could send pictures too through indimail... 

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