What's changed in Indiblogger in the past year?

Well, I've been away for a year. Then 2 days ago, someone sent me a link to a forum thread where I was mentioned by 2 different people!!

Absent but not forgotten! Is this fame at last? To celebrate, I submitted a post to Indivine. Never say never!! 

What has changed in IB in the last year?

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Nothing much, but we are evolving, slow and steady. We all are here, same. Some envy from outside, and some swim the tides inside. I too wanted some changes in the system. Let's see when it happens.

In the last one year, the most notable change, or I should say enhancement, is IndiOne being rolled out. If you have time, go through the Question and Answers thread on IndiOne, but I don't think write promotional posts, still it is worth taking a look at.



I was approved for IndiOne in the first round of approvals. I do get emails from time to time, more often than before.

Means nothing to me since I can't use it and I wouldn't know how to write a sponsored post. Documented those reasons earlier. 

I scoped around a bit. I don't see that there have been any changes at all. Oh well, see you all in another 11 months... 

Amitesh Gupta
from Patna
4 years ago

Bye Bye SW...see you soon!

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