What is the best time to publish a blog post?

Gaurav Tiwari
Gaurav Tiwari
from New Delhi
4 years ago

I don't write a lot but whenever I do - I try my best for the content to be vast and explanatory. The thing is that I get all my ideas in night-time...and hence most of my posts are published in time-range of 11PM-2AM.


What do you think is the best time to publish a blog post and when do your posts come out to public?

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1. You can schedule them, if you are using Wordpress.com ( dunno about Blogger. My guess is it can handle something basic like that too.)

2. Wordpress.com gives you Insights that tell you when most people read your blog. It will vary from person to person and is dependent on who your audience is. MIne are all over the world and WP tells me that Wednesdays were best for 30% of the readers. It has now shifted to Saturdays.... 

3. My experience tells me that large posts are not read very often. So a "vast" post may not be read much. People will tl;dr it. Bear in mind I write "large" posts myself, typically about around 1,000 words and I'm told by all and sundry I write too many words. 

4. My posts come out when they are ready. I am the world's most indiscpined blogger. I do not run to a schedule. My posts are all made up as I go along and very rarely do I set out to write something with a purpose.

Bottom line:

"It Depends"

Hope it helps. Probably not, but at least one person responded after 4 weeks....

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