New design looks great but...

I find the new design makes the home page look really nice but here are my two cents:

1. I just liked how I could open the indiblogger and see the indivine on the homepage itself... now I have to make an extra click.

2. It'd be super useful if logged in user could see dashboard as their homepage, see all the activity on the timeline as the first thing.

3. Submitting a post remain a tad difficult just as in the last design, I have to dig two pages deep to go to the submit post page. Again this sort of discourages people to submit more frequently.

Just my thoughts, feel free to add your own our or shoot mine down.

Again, despite my complaints, thanks indiblogger for such a wonderful platform.


-VR, Writer (The H.T.)

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The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer
from Mumbai
5 years ago

We already have an open section for this.

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