Looking for fellow bloggers from Ranchi

Dear  All

Greetings from Abhimanyu Bishnu.

I have been blogging for the last 10  years, on various  topics such as travel, photography,  healthcare  etc.  I    am  a  healthcare  professional, working  in Ranchi  for  the  last  two  years. I was  wondering if we could  organize  a  bloggers’ meet-up  sometime in Ranchi . I was  a part  of Indiblogger  meetups in  Kolkata, and got to  learn  a  lot from my fellow bloggers.

Do  let  me  know. We could  meet up  at  Crossword  Lalpur  or some other  suitable  location  on a  Sunday.

If you  do agree , kindly send  me  your  email  ID &  contact number. My contact  details  are:


Waiting to  hear  from you.


Warm Regards

Abhimanyu  Bishnu

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