Suggest best tool for video creation

Hello friends,


I am planning to start video series in my native language. 


So suggest me the best tool to create videos as screen recording, editing and audio adding.


If the tool is free and light size is better.


So please suggest the tool or share your personal tool in video creation and editing purpose.


Thank you

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Amit Pattnaik
Amit Pattnaik
from New Delhi
1 week ago

I use SolveigMM Video Splitter for splitting captured videos.And for editing and adding background music or a little bit of intro and animations, I use Filmora.


However both of these softwares are paid ones. One might take a little bit of time to get used to them (not that difficult either) but once you know the functions of the various elements in these softwares, you will be able to create professional looking videos.


Previously I had also used Camtasia Studio for capturing screen. What I used to do is create a swf file with some animation, and add background music to it. Then using camtasia studio, used to capture the desktop screen which can then be converted into mp4 or any othe rvideo format.But now I use Filmora for the purpose.

Maveez MH
Maveez MH
from bangalore
1 week ago

try ashampoo series it have best options and is light

Hemal Shah
Hemal Shah
from Mumbai
1 week ago

The best one that I have come across is Wondershare Filimora. It is a beautiful app, that gives you a lot of advanced capabilities. The best part however is that it does not require you to have a super computer. I have tried ImageReady and Premier (with paid subscription) but my laptop lacks the horsepower to render the final output. Editing is also a pain as these apps are very resource intensive. Hence, Wondershare Filimora works the best for me (check out my YouTube video on my Ride to Kerala, I have use so many of the transitions that are available out of the box).

I use a very basic configuration laptop (Lenovo S405) with AMD A8 + 4GB RAM. The A8 chip is an APU, so in essence I get a 512MB worth of discreet graphic performance. Hightime I upgraded to something better!

Wondershare Filimora is not free, but at Rs. 4200 for a lifetime license, it is a whole lot more worth it!

Adobe Premier Pro is the best Video editing software right now on Windows.If you have access (and financial means) to a MacBook, there's Final Cut X which used by Proffessional Film Makers. There's free alternatives on Linux like Pitivi Video Editor...

It also depends on what kind of Video editing you want to make...

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