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from Delhi
1 month ago

Hey guys

I have a few questions.

When we post a random post like a melange of a few things that's been important to us then to which category does the post go? I often club a few things to make a new blog post but then get confused about the category in Indivine. Help. 

Why is poetry in Offbeat category and not in literature etc? I thin kthe Indivine categories need to be rethought. More suggestions are welcome on this. 

Now the tags, what is the best way of using tags to get your post most readership etc? What sort of effective tags should go in in a recipe post for example or a poem post? 

Is there an edit feature on indivine just in case one forgets tags or there is an error / Typo or some other silly mistake ? I did not see any button for either edit or delete etc so asking. If there is none, can we have one Inditeam? Clutterbrqains like us need it. :) 

Any other help to use Indivine effectively will be appreciated. 



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from Chennai
4 weeks ago

I had this confusion of choosing between categories when posting my new blog posts. Even though there is so many categories already, I sometimes can't find the right place to post it. Like you said, if the blog post has a mixture of content its hard to make a choice. I always go with the closest relevance to my post content. I do drawing posts which goes into "Hobbies". But I feel "Hobbies" itself is one huge category which can have several sub-categories. Similarly my haikus go into "Poetry". Now if I draw a small picture and write a Hiaku relevant to the drawing, where do I post it? I sure can't make it appear in both categories. #confusion

As far as tags is concerned, I wish someone here will help me as well. 

Edit feature - Ofcourse can be brought in as long as the restriction to edit only sticks to the blog link.

from Delhi
3 weeks ago

Thanks for replying Srinivasan. Looking forward to some advice from others. 

Sometimes there is a typo etc i nthe description and edit button will help to sort that. It is very embarrasing at times.  

Yes, two categories are not allowed. Sometimes I put the relevant category as a tag but don't know if that helps. 

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