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pranita deshpande
pranita deshpande
from latur
1 year ago

"I spit where I want. I throw trash everywhere I want. I will drive through the wrong side of the road and park on the sidewalk. Therefore I don't care where I post and not care what others say coz I am a douchebag blogger. "

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

Its unfortunate admins decided not to ban despite your inconsiderate spamming of your blog links in the forum despite being told the same. Moderators should not be expected to clean up after people's mess. 

Many of your peers said it. We said it. Don't be so irresponsible and expect people to clean up after you. We assume you are a responsible adult and would prefer if you behaved that way online. Nobody is going to spoonfeed you. You have to work yourself. Throwing tantrums in the chat section encourages people not to help you. There's something called net etiquette which is not very hard to understand. Others will only guide you when and only when you don't behave like a douche. Repeated attempts of trying to convey the same to you. Alas, it fell on deaf ears. But even a lost soul should have the ability to help itself. There's a thread stickied with a title "

So why do you have to create a separate thread? You have you be a very sad and inconsiderate person if you are doing this intentionally. And you are doing it intentionally. 

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