Best way to make legitimate backlinks in 2018

Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh
1 week ago


Backlinks are the backbone of a website postion in SERPS.

how can we make backlinks?

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from Palakkad
4 days ago

You can create high-quality backlinks via the following methods-

Guest posts (same niche)

Blog comments (same niche)

posting in bookmarking sites

Morish Bodra
Morish Bodra
from Jamshedpur
3 days ago

Best is the guest post. Because this gives you quality from the well-ranked pages.

Other are community sites, it could be any site including social sites and business site and also a community site like this one here (

Some business community sites allow you to post articles and greate groups for discussions and this is where you can put your site link in a good manner.

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