Is adoption a good idea?

The Keeper Diaries
The Keeper Diaries
from India
2 weeks ago

If adoption is good then why aren't all of us doing that?

Looking at the plus point you will save one life which would most probably get lost in this world. To be frank, there is nothing negative about this. Still, we are living in a society filled with judgment. Let's break the stereotype and bring a change.

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Arvind Passey
Arvind Passey
from Delhi
6 days ago

Adoption needs to be followed by adaption... and I guess this makes the entire process seem like a lot of work. I know you are talking about babies... and some may talk about stray animals on the streets, but adoption is a much wider term. It encircles everyone from homeless humans to maverick ideas. The only thing that matters is the relevance of adaption because in its absence, an idea lifted from somewhere becomes plagiarism. Got it?

Amitesh Gupta
Amitesh Gupta
from Patna
5 days ago

Blood is a powerful thing bachem !!

My cousin adopted a Girl child a few years back and when she called me  - I told it's great. The child is studying school now and growing up well.

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