Adsense on blogger - usable on wordpress?

Aditya Jha
Aditya Jha
from New Delhi, India
4 years ago

Hi guys,


I recently created a blog (hosted) with custom domain, having earlier worked on blogger.


I plan to apply for adsense in few days. My question is, my blogger account is adsense approved, can I use it on wordpress? Or do I need to reapply?

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If you already owned Adsense Account, then you do not need to apply again. You can use your previous Adsense for the new website. Definitely you can use Adsense on Wordpress.

Puneet Singh
Puneet Singh
from Kanpur
4 years ago

Hello I am new here how are you all.

Adsense in its official article said that you can use single approved account to other blogs or website as they every time scanning your blog so if you try any spamming or not follow guidelines your account banned.

Adsense not allowed to have more than one adsense account as it increases spamming.

Recent adsense published an update that they verify the details of Adsense any time to check whether it belongs to you or not and also banned lot of account of those who are using multiple accounts.

Thanks .

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