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Parveen Dua
Parveen Dua
from Ludhiana
4 months ago

Hi Friends,

I am a newbie in this field and have a travel blog I need advise on SEO or if some freelancing SEO expert, who help me in improving my presence.


Thx in advance


Parveen Dua

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Manoj Pandey
Manoj Pandey
from New Delhi
3 months ago

If you get a real good and ethical SEO expert, he/ she will charge a big sum. If you want general advice, there is a lot on the web. It is sensible but does not yield results because individual bloggers tend to get frustrated when results are not quick. 

Analyzing other successful bloggers' blogs, being relevant, posting good quality content, looking on Google for search queries and such other actions TAKEN REGULARLY would definitely help. You can go through the list of successful travel bloggers from India on the web. I can recommend you Indian Top Blogs which issues a directory of Indian blogs. Go to travel category.

Hope it helps.

from Pune
3 months ago

Dear Parveen,

I am Gangadhar Kulkarni, SEO consultant and owner of digital marketing blog I analyzed your blog and found scope for SEO activities If you still looking for SEO services contact me at

Thank You

from New Delhi
2 weeks ago

Hi Praveen Dua,

SEO of a blog require proper planning and execution. First identify your reader base, their area of interest, and put yourseld in reader's shoes and you will feel what readers actually expect. Go to google keyword planner and find few high search volume keywords, few long tail keywords and few least competitive keywords. Have a proper keywords list before starting writing blog. Thereafter publish quality & unique 20 posts on your blog having those keywords as focus keywords.

Few tips for on page SEO :-

  1. Use focus keywords in article heading.
  2. Use focus keyword in article url.
  3. Use focus keyword in first paragraph.
  4. Use focus keywords as Alt attribute.
  5. Use focus keyword in meta description.
  6. Focus keywords density should be atleast 2 to 3% in article.
  7. Interlink your similar article.
  8. Use Yoast SEO plugin for on page SEO.

Once you properly completed ON page SEO of your article and have published 20 articles thereafter start OFF page SEO/ building backlink.

  1. Create sitemap of your blog and submit to search engine for indexing.
  2. Find similar blogs and write quality guest post.
  3. Participate in forum posting and provide quality information to readers. They will certainly pay you back for your information.
  4. Use your focus keywords as anchor text, anchor text improve your backlink quality.
  5. Never buy backlink, they affect your blog quality SEO.
  6. Give backlink to good quality and similar blogs.
  7. Do website directory submission and social bookmarking.
  8. Use SEO tools to find competitor backlink. There are number of free SEO tools which provide SEO solution for small blogs free of cost.

Keep patience in SEO. SEO takes atleast 1 month to yield fruits.

Hope it will help you.


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